"From the furniture to the fixtures, it is top notch! I can’t wait to go back! The salon is polished and professional, very clean and welcoming.


I wanted to hang out in there all day."


We are here to

elevate your expectations.

What is a session
how do I reserve one?

You may either submit a session request          , or view our calendar          . If you cannot find a reservation that works for you, please reach out          and we will do our best to work it out for you!

A session is simply a block of time reserved for any service(s) we can accomodate.

Session rates 

Session rates are determined by a level system, in which our Member Stylists work through a year-long training process to elevate their skill.


Level One Members: start at $50/hour

Level Two Members: start at $60/hour

Level Three Members: start at $70/hour

Owner: starts at $80/hour



We  understand the geometry

of the head and of the haircut.

Your hair will style itself.


Our Members utilize customized, and often proprietary coloring and highlighting

methods to bring your cut to life.

We know how to create a 

low-maintenance color plan for you

through hand-painting, balayage, insulated highlighting, or a combo of methods.


Our certified specialists in all methods of extensions are at the ready to create your new look!


Collective Members analyze

your scalp and hair needs. and prescribe a specific treatment customized for you!

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