"From the furniture to the fixtures, it is top notch! I can’t wait to go back! The salon is polished and professional, very clean and welcoming.


I wanted to hang out in there all day."



We are different than your basic salon.

We are excited to elevate your expectations, and

treat you with a concierge-level experience.

Simply determine what service(s) you would like to receive, then request a Session. You can do that via text 423.438.3838, email, or the Session Requests button to the left. 

You do not need to determine your session length in any way, we will do that

when we reach out. You are simply requesting a session, not an amount of time or a service.

​Then, a Member of the Collective will reach out to you by the end of the current business day, or the following business day if applicable. 


Session rates are determined by a level system, in which our Member Stylists work through a year-long training process to elevate their skill. 

Level One Members: 
hour 1: from $40-$50
hour 2: from $50-$60
hour 3 and up: from $60-$70

Level Two Members:
hour 1: from $50-$60
hour 2: from $60-$70
hour 3 and up: from $70-$80

Level Three Members:
hour 1: from $60-$70
hour 2: from $70-$80
hour 3 and more: from $80-$90

hour 1: $70
hour 2: $80
hour 3 and more: $90

We have recommended some basic guidelines below for how much time some processes may require, for reference only.


>cuts // fades

>> 30-45 min

​>customized coloring (new growth // grey blending // fashion // global // toning) >> 1 hour 30 min - 2 hour

​>dimensional coloring (highlighting // balayage // foilayage // freepainting etc.) >> 2 hour - 3 hour

​>extensions (hand-sewn // fusion // beaded // halos)

>> 2 hour - 5 hour

​>makeup application (touch-ups // special occasion)

>> 1 hour - 1 hour 30 min

​>treatments (demineralizing // strengthening // rejuvenating // Olaplex)

>> 30 min - 1 hour 30 min

​>corrective coloring

>> 2 hour - ??

​>brow tinting 

>> 15 min


>> 45 min - 1 hour 15 min

​>face-framing color or highlights

>> 1 hour

We are unable to guarantee how long your session will take, and can only provide you with a reference point.


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