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Our Pricing Structure:


Instead of booking appointments for specific services, we book by Sessions, which are simply blocks of time allotted for any service you would like, and for any amount of time you would like. 

But, “If you charge hourly, won’t you just drag out my Session to make more money??” Understand that there isn’t a financial benefit to us to drag out your Session. We have a waiting list of potential Guests, so we are thankfully able to fill every minute of the day. This is a huge blessing, and it isn’t lost on us ;)


Additionally, your Session fee is determined by the Level of the Member working with you at the time. If you are booked with the owner, you will be partially cared for by an Assistant or two, whose Session rates are lower, which lowers your final cost. 

Session Rates:

Dari >> $70/hour

Level 3 >> $50-$60

Level 2 >> $40-$50/hour

Level 1 >> n/a